Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My All Time Favourite Star

Dakota Fanning.
I can still recall watching her movies when she was wayyy too young. and I reckon she's too good at it! I love her. I kind of watched her grow up. & she's turned into a beauty. 

Now while i'm off, tell me your views of her, d yous like her? xx

Friday, June 25, 2010

All wrapped up

Felt quite a pity I didnt get a chance to snap a full view of what I wore the other day. It was so good for that rainy weather. 
Now I wanna thank that anon who commented. My very first. That means a lot to me, I'll keep getting better. xxx

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Into the wild

x weekend starts in a day. 
I'm looking forward it! 

I'm so thankful.
I was just speaking to Tina about how no one reads my fashion blog.
She being so kind as always advertised this fashion blog of mine, who is just a starter on this on her already famous blog. Thank you youuuu
I am a little pressured. Im afraid its not good enough.
Thank you for supporting for those who are viewing hahaha. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

He(S) & She

Yet Another Summertime in here. 
The boyfriend, my poor army bounded Aaron and I went place hopping that caused us a huge amount of time wasted waiting. Definitely caused me grumpy. 
We started our day off early, hoping we'd get more stuff done, because that's the only time we had before Aaron gets on back to camp. oh yeh, indeed, we did! Did new stuff, waited, went to old places, did coffee, did shopping, went up and down to places. 
Too much laughters and love.

On A; top from Editor's market, outer wear from H&M, Pants from Rockstar, Shoes from Doc Martens

On N my boyfriend; Top from Bangkok Market, Outerwear from Corner Shop, Pants from Bangkok Boutique Shop, Sandals from Pedro Men

i have a truck underneath me
On me; Top & Shorts from Editors Market, Pumps from Online Store, Bag from Bkk Market

The guys. They look so good together! 

Can't wait for this weekend to see Aaron and spend time kicking in some fun!
xx Pris