Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I fancy.

(Source: Fi)

Fi is like my google to images.
These are images of what I do & what I ogle over.

I'm heading out to meet with my long time lover & bestfriend along with my boyfriend. & guess what I'm grabbing my Lula to have another good read at it! Don't forget sharing it with my lovelies. 

Have a good day everyone!! x

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh, creations

Darlton Ghetti

Speechless, he uses razor blade/sewing needle & sculpting knife to create such beauties. 
Exclusive exclusive feast for the eyes!

Lula; indeed 'a girl of my dreams'

Yet another new found magazine, Lula. 
It's amazing. I was browsing & already so deeply drawn into it. 
Recalling how when I was younger I liked all that Vogue, very elite, looking mega posh. Well, I still buy Vogue once in awhile now. But I guess when I grew older, I have more wild thoughts in my head, & more curious with the things around me. Now and then picking up new magazines. Loving that breaking the fashion rules, all that weird styling. & now already in a fashion school myself, I take more notice on the typography/placement of photos/small details. I like them quirky photos. Very unusual thats what catches me. 

Jessie J

(Most favourite outfit of Jessie J)

Everyone trying to look better than another, Out-stand from the crowd. 
Something for someone to remember by. 
I am loving Jessie J's goldd chunks. & she's digging her style. (: